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De JohannesAcademie biedt menselijke en spirituele vorming voor al diegenen die in hun leven op zoek zijn naar waarheid. Vanuit een realistische filosofie en katholieke theologie organiseert zij cursussen, debatten en weekends om een persoonlijke zoektocht te stimuleren en zo bij te dragen aan groei van de mens als persoon.
Gate of Dawn, VilniusEuropean countries are very diverse but work together. Why? Peace and the principles of human economics form a rationale for the European Union cooperation project. This was studied in The Hague and London. A very strong element of a united Europe is its millenia old shared cultural history as well. Culture is the topic of our next conference on Europe. We invite you to Lithuania to discover the importance of culture for Europe. Located at the crossroad between western, eastern, central and northern Europe, many influences come together. Its capital Vilnius was European Capital of Culture in 2009 and therefore an excellent location to talk culture. As relevant is the impact of the great wars of the last century on this country. Nazism and communism formed cultural shocks and after many years of occupation Lithuanians got their freedom back, also their cultural freedom.
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European conference: ‘Human Economics’

dinsdag, 04 januari 2011 15:39

A report
Economics and the Human Person

geldWho serves who?
Slowly participants started arriving from the different corners of Europe and from the five different London airports as well. For some a great adventure due to the weather circumstances, for some a piece of cake.
After the introductory film ‘Wall street’ it’s time for the real work on human economics! Father Samuel introduces us into the different questions regarding work as a dimension of the human person and the challenge of economics in modern society. Tim Church from McKinsey & Company gives his experience and perspective on the noble purpose of economics: a service to mankind.
Small workshops encourage us to deepen our personal reflection on the importance of work in daily life, not only as a means to earn our living, but more as an essential part in the structure of becoming a human person.
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Report of a participant

conferentie‘Sweet, sweet peace’, ‘an indefinable term’, ‘an utopia’, ‘hippies with a joint’, ‘what to do with it?!’ These were the different associations to peace the Dutch participants of the conference Commitments for Peace had beforehand. Despite the ashes (from the Icelandic vulcano), almost fifty participants from Lithuania, Rumania, Austria, the United Kingdom, and some from Albania, Croatia, Nigeria and France, gathered together in the royal residence of The Hague, for a meeting that would last over four days.
The program was packed and consisted of different parts. Framing lectures, reflective lectures, workshops, visits to and encounters with people engaged in the quest for peace, prayer times and socializing. Each day had a different topic which would be elaborated throughout the day.
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