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The Christian vocation: an experience

come and see          Jesus responded, Come and see. It happens very quickly for it is an experience. A personal contact is always a question of experience. One only really knows someone through experience, and not otherwise. One may ofcourse know someone in a historical way. One can know someone based on what others say about him, but this is never direct knowledge. Direct knowledge implies being with a person, living with him.
          He said to them, “Come and see.” They came and saw where He was staying, and they remained with Him that day. How simple it is. When one stays, one must stay for a while. They remained with Him that day, the whole day. It was about the tenth hour. This is John’s personal observation: to show that it was experimential, the time is noted. When one stay with someone for a long time and time passes quickly, one says afterwards, “How long have we been here? We’ve spent the entire day!” It is easy to understand, especially in countries where sunlight alone indicates the hour. In the desert, one tells time by the light on the sun. They remained with Jesus, with the Lamb, the entire day. It was about the tenth hour, that is, four o’clock in the afternoon. After that, they left.

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