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woensdag 29 oktober 2014 00:00 Geschreven door p. John Mary Jesus
It´s been a long time since the last blog here. Ten months infact. Yet the need for clear thinking remains and grows! So, in the name of understanding and insight, here is a jump-start post on the subject of something we hear more often. Bullshit. Our thanks go to Princeton University emeritus professor Harry G. Frankfurt for this short and pertinent analysis of everything long winded and irrelevant. How useful it is!Frankfurt carefully points out that much of the "talk" and "information" we have or allow to pass through our ears and into our minds is somewhat less innocent than it seems. The human intelligence seeks truth and "bullshit" is often one of its more subtle enemies, deflecting words towards meaningless ends, at best, and at worst manipulating the mind to more cleverly crafted goals."The bullshitter... is neither on the side of the true nor on the side of the…
vrijdag 23 augustus 2013 22:51 Geschreven door p. John Mary Jesus
"I am leaving this world where either the heart must break or turn as hard as iron" Sebastian-Roch Nicholas Chamfort"I cannot swear to everything I have said in this argument - but one thing I am ready to fight for in word and deed, that we shall be better, braver and more active men if we believe it is right to look for what we do not know, than if we think we cannot discover it and have no duty to seek it."Plato"Where caution is everywhere, courage is nowhere to be found. Our ancestors were not quiescent; we shall die of prudence yet, you will see."A bishop of Poitiers"Hope, in this deep and powerful sense, is not the same as joy that things are going well, or willingness to invest in enterprises that are obviously headed for early success, but, rather an ability to work for something because it is…
dinsdag 30 juli 2013 08:20 Geschreven door p. John Mary Jesus
Le Cannabis Démasqué, Brother Ambroise, csj."This is cannabis stripped of the cheap exterior afforded it by the opposing yet equally noxious a priori of virtuous well-to-do's and laxist ideologists. Because we're talking about a real human crisis which is taking place right infront of our eyes, on our street corners, at the gateways of our secondary schools.In this book cannabis is unmasked by its own victims. At last! The originality of this courageous book is that it conveys a truth by moving back and forth between philosophical reflexion and daily experience, showing that cannabis attacks not only the body, but especially the intelligence, the sensibility, and the capacity to discern.It is a worrying truth indeed, yet so too are the figures. Both need to be looked at face on.It is also a truth full of hope. We need to listen to those who escaped from cannabis. They are without a…
maandag 29 juli 2013 13:15 Geschreven door p. John Mary Jesus
Brother Ambroise led the organisation "Saint Jean Esperance" for several years. This program for drug addicts has 2 houses in France. The young men live alongside the brothers and younng male volunteers for one or two years, recovering and rebuilding their lives, broken not just by drugs but by abuse, violence and a society hostile to real growth. This deeply striking and moving book is a compilation of the testimonies of some of the those who struggled their way out of the grip of drugs thanks to mutual support, guidance, prayer, physical, emotional and spiritual healing, searching and questionning, and a lot of brotherly love! The title couldn't be more accurate... Masks like wolves, hearts like lambs ! Br Ambroise followed up this book, which tells of raw, first hand experience of boys who's lives were all but destoryed, with an in-depth study of the consequences of cannabis on the…
woensdag 15 mei 2013 13:20 Geschreven door p. John Mary Jesus
A well written, insightful and learned journey through the thinkers and writers that have influenced the modern mind!(Roger Scruton, A History of Modern Philosophy, Routledge 1995)
zaterdag 04 mei 2013 17:03 Geschreven door p. John Mary Jesus
Unplanned is one of recent years' most striking witnesses to truth. Abby Johnson, a former director of an abortion clinic, recounts her pathway from abortion to the fight for life. This book is highly valuable thanks to the author's first hand knowledge of, and long-standing complicity in, what she takes care to describe Planned Parenthood's abortion industry. Her concern for women, children and family brought her to work for this organisation, led her to profound shock and disillusionment in the ideas about women and life which it promotes, and drove her to a choice for life. Abby witnesses to both the good intentions of many who work for the abortion of children in the mother's womb, and to the culture of false compassion which offers death as a solution. She now consecrates her time and energy to offering women real and constructive options with regard to unwanted or traumatically concieved…
donderdag 18 april 2013 19:06 Geschreven door p. John Mary Jesus
Roger Scruton, an English philosopher, has recently published a book formed from the Gifford Lectures he gave at St Andrews University, Scotland, in 2010. He adresses the question of the existence of God in what I think is a highly pertinent way - the posited absence of God being not a triumph of humanity but rather modern man's most tragic crisis of meaning... a meta-crisis! He explores what most people admit to be a gradual destruction of man in our society and argues that this is, through being a destruction of man, also a gradual loss of our natural discovery of God. "Roger Scruton explores the place of God in a disenchanted world. His argument is a response to the atheist culture that is now growing around us, and also a defence of human uniqueness. He rebuts the claim there is no meaning or purpose in the natural world, and…
donderdag 18 april 2013 14:22 Geschreven door p. John Mary Jesus
Another thought provoking read, this time less recent and by V. M. Axline, a child psychotherpist. Through this impressive story of a boy she names "Dibs", Axline shows clearly and beautifully how a child is an entire person just beginning to open, develop and grow in uniqueness, and what a delicate, sensitive and profound reality that is. Both heart-wrenching in its revealing of how such vulnerability can be so easily trampled, this day by day description of the steps the author took with this child also astonishes the reader with the strength and depth of even a young child's will to live, love, fight for truth in his life and even to forgive.  “He would not talk. He would not play. Judged mentally defective, he was suddenly oblivious both to other children and to his teacher; in reality he was a brilliant, lonely child trapped in a prison of fear…
maandag 15 april 2013 01:13 Geschreven door p. John Mary Jesus
The following is the author's note in a book recently published by Wanda Poltawska, friend of Pope John Paul II, and survivor of Nazi concentration camps. Throughout her life after the camps, Wanda sought for and found ways back to an understanding of man that was no longer filled with the black despair inspired by the experience of mankind within the camps and engrained in all but the very strongest of the inmates and guards. As she eloquently and powerfully expresses, such a search for the meaning of man's existence within his cohabitation with brokenness and evil, is becoming ever more pertitent in today's world where increasing numbers of young people seek out help on precisely the questions she painstakingly found answers to. May we still speak of truth about man today, or are we too living in a world that is rejecting humanity? "To the reader of today and…
dinsdag 25 december 2012 02:19 Geschreven door p. John Mary Jesus
Writer Robert Macfarlane, of Cambridge, Great Britain, recently published the third book in a "loose trilogy about landscape and the human heart". Through tracing the history first of man's relationship with mountains,  then with wilderness and lastly with pathways, Macfarlane finds some of the most insightful ways to uncover and explore man's own depth, height, nature and quests. Indeed, the natural world around us is not simply an object of admiration or exploitation... Man has lived with, struggled  with, discovered, used, enjoyed and ignored the physical world, the history of which is so intimately woven into his own. The author's uniquely skillful yet beautifully simple usage of English, at times humble and ordinary and often brilliantly poetic, allows him to paint true masterpieces where the deftness of expression is a quite wonderful demonstration of how words can communicate something of the deepest and most subtle of man's truest experiences. Reading these books is an essential…
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